Family sundays: Haochen Zhang

December 03, 12:30h

Haochen Zhang, piano

Works by Robert Schumann (Kinderszenen, Op. 15), Franz Liszt (Transcendental Études No. 5, Feux Follets, and No. 12, Chasse-neige) and Leoš Janáček (In the Mists).

Haochen Zhang is a gifted Chinese pianist performing a vast repertoire despite his youth. In this concert, he will render assorted pieces by three of the greatest classical composers: Schumann, Liszt and Janáček.

How to paint the rainbow with just black and white keys?

Guided by music expert Esteban Sanz Vélez, the audience will listen to various works and see how great composers manage to convey sensations about landscapes filled with colours and hues. It will be a playful, participatory event inviting attendees to get emotionally and creatively involved.





Children and families


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