Since 1994, the Fine Arts Workshops have brought young artists from all over the world to Santander to train alongside consolidated figures from the world of art. Miroslaw Balka, Lothar Baumgarten, Tacita Dean, Carlos Garaicoa, Paul Graham, Mona Hatoum, Jannis Kounellis, Julie Mehretu, Antoni Muntadas, Gabriel Orozco, Juliâo Sarmentó and Juan Uslé are some of the Workshop leaders who have shared their experience and knowledge.

Over the course of two weeks, 15 artists from all over the world come to live alongside renowned international artists, sharing experiences and intense working days, as they develop their own personal project, which they can also share with members of the public at an Open Day.


A workshop led by Cristina Iglesias will take place from September 17th to September 28th, 2018 in Santander.

Cristina Iglesias proposes an encounter, an exploratory workshop based on the work process, from the private reflection inthe studio and its diverse manifestations, to the actual expression of the project that becomes visible in the public realm.

Workshop participants will be asked to propose a project on a given theme and in a place of their own choice, which theywill then develop throughout the workshop, through drawings, texts, plans, models or video.

The participants will be prompted to walk through the city of Santander, its immediate surroundings, to find places or backdrops that will serve for the development of their projects. Moreover, to immerse themselves in the process, the participantswill visit the foundry in Eibar, where the artist works, and they will see her project on Santa Clara Island, in San Sebastián.

The setting up of the exhibition CRISTINA IGLESIAS:INTERSPACES at the Botín Centre will provide the participants an acquaintance with of the way in which the artist’s work occupies space, constructing a site. In this manner, a work of art doesnot fully come into being until it is built, assembled in the space and setting into which it is placed. We complete the work.

To close the workshop, the participants will also have to present and defend their projects before a panel of professionalswho will study and evaluate the projects.

Architect Maddi Rotaeche will be providing her experience and support during the workshop.

Epson’s special collaboration will allow to offer the technical conditions adapted to materialize the projects produced by the participants during the workshop.

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Who can apply

Young creators from all over the world who can provide proof of their artistic experience and wish to extend their knowledge with the help of internationally renowned artists can participate.

grant details


The Fundación provides accommodation and a subsidy of 455€ to each artist for other expenses.

Application Period

Until 10th August.

Documentation required

See documentation required for registration below. Applications can only be submitted online.

Notification of Grant Award

The decision regarding the selection of the participants will be announced as of 23 August 2018. Selected participants will be personally informed of such decision via email and the other candidates may consult the results on the website. See results (published on 29th August 2018).


The workshop director is the person who selects the artists.

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