Centro Botín is an art centre designed to generate social development and wealth, making the most of the potential of the arts to awaken our creativity.

The Centro Botín aims to be:

  • One of Spain’s leading art centres and part of the European circuit of first-rate arts centres, that stands out for its excellent programme, using art to improve the lives of people and society.
  • A lively, welcoming place, a regular meeting point for people to enjoy themselves, learn, and become inspired, thanks to the diverse range of artistic experiences on offer for all types of audiences.
  • An engine for generating economic, social, and cultural wealth on the Cantabrian coast.

The building

The Centro Botín is an arts centre designed by Pritzker Prize-winner architect Renzo Piano, in co-authorship with luis vidal + architects. It is located in a privileged part of Santander and uses a broader urban intervention to integrate the city centre and the historic Pereda Gardens with the Bay. The building has a total built-up area spanning 8,739 m², which is made up of two blocks, connected by a structure of squares and the walkways known as – “the pachinko”. The west block is dedicated to art, with two exhibition rooms measuring a total of 2,500 m2; and the east block is for cultural and educational activities, boasting an auditorium for 300 people, classrooms, work spaces, and a rooftop terrace to enjoy the breathtaking views of Santander and its Bay.

Renzo Piano: The Architect

Since winning the competition to design the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in 1971 alongside Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1998, has displayed a unique skill for creating buildings to experience art and culture, which blend perfectly into the surrounding area.

That is why the Fundación Botín turned to the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) to take on what would be the most important project yet in its 50-year history: the Centro Botín. A space for art, culture, and learning, designed not only to continue but also to boost the work carried out by the Fundación Botín in visual arts since 1984.

More information

The Fundación Botín

A recipient of Spain’s National Visual Arts Award, Cristina Iglesias has designed a site-specific piece for the Botín Centre and the Pereda Gardens, consisting of four pools and a pond, entitled Desde lo subterráneo (From the Underground).

The sculptural intervention features five structures in grey stone enclosing overlapping iron pieces forming hollow spaces. They evoke the subterranean, the things that exist beneath the surface. Phreatic zones, underground areas saturated with water, pockets of water filled with foliage and molluscs, life speaking of the primordial ocean that gave origin to all forms of life on Earth.

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Centro Botín

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