Research, training and dissemination are the three main missions of the Centro Botín and they are developed through our Fine Arts and Training programmes. In both areas, collaboration with leading entities and professionals plays a key role. This has ensured a very high quality standard for our cultural programme.

The conclusions drawn from the research projects are reflected in the different activities that we organise, such as workshops, and are also published in catalogues, books and international magazines and in different formats that are accessible to the general public.

Plastic arts program

Study and cataloguing of the drawings of the great maestros of the history of Spanish art from the 16th century; training through grants and workshops; and divulgation through publications and exhibitions held at the Centro Botín. All of these epigraphs make up the axes around which our Fine Arts Programme revolves.





Training Programme

The educational mission of the Centro Botín is to awaken the creative attitude and capacity of people so that they can improve their life and environment. The objective is to facilitate access and coexistence with the arts to the general public, using its enormous potential to develop their emotional intelligence and their creativity.




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