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Hello, welcome to this exhibition, which is actually a story composed of many other stories. Do you want to know who the main character is? Let’s see if you can guess. Looking at the room from the hall, who do you think made all these works? Was it a child or an adult? Was it a man or a woman? Where did he or she live? I’m sure you’ve come up with an idea, but do you want to know the real story? Well, here we go!

The person who made all of these works of art is Alexander Calder, who was born 121 years ago in Pennsylvania, in the United States. His parents and grandparents were also artists, so he grew up surrounded by paintings and sculptures, and he made his own sculptures out of brass sheet when he was just eleven years old. But when it came time for him to study, he followed a friend’s idea and went to engineering school.

Calder started working as an engineer, but he soon became bored in this field and returned to his childhood passion for art. From then on, Calder was fulfilled, and he created many sculptures all over the world. But he also imagined and invented other works of art that were never made. Do you want to know more about them?

Hans Ulrich Obrist, the curator of this this exhibition said:
“To know their dreams, is to know the person.”

Let’s find out what Calder was dreaming about. Will you join us?

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He imagined that the rectangles were moving


Models for Percival Goodman and the New York World’s Fair


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