Tour through the exhibition “The Reconfigured Landscape”

The Reconfigured Landscape is the second instalment in Fundación Botín’s ongoing presentation of its collection at Centro Botín. It primarily includes recently acquired works, some of which are shown here for the first time. As with Art in the Turn of the Century (the inaugural showcasing of the collection in the new building), this exhibition includes works by artists of international renown, once invited to direct a summer workshop in Santander, who started working in the late 20th century: Lothar Baumgarten, Tacita Dean, Joan Jonas and Julie Mehretu.

It also features work by artists who once received a Fundación Botín visual arts grant, and who, for the most part, started their career in the course of the past fifteen years: Leonor Antunes; Jacobo Castellano; Fernanda Fragateiro; Nuria Fuster; Irene Kopelman; João Onofre, Sara Ramo, Ignacio Uriarte and Oriol Vilanova. This mix of generations is an important dynamic of the collection. It provides an interesting perspective on artistic practice in the 21st century, and reveals the formal freedom artists have consolidated in the past fifty years, as they appropriate and remix references —whether formal or conceptual— to art history or other cultural productions, reflecting the fluid structure of our information society. Indeed, this selection of works includes painting, drawing, sculpture, video, as well as multimedia installations, a form that perhaps epitomizes the forefront of artistic research over the past few decades.

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