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From June 13, 2020 to October 4, 2020

The first solo show in this country by Ellen Gallagher (Providence, RI, USA, 1965) is a retrospective covering two decades of artistic output on a variety of supports. The selection of Gallagher’s paintings and works on paper will focus on three of her series: Black Paintings, a sequence of monochrome works from 1998 through which the artist sets out to convey that the psychotic state of race and ethnic relations is profoundly rooted in the history of Western abstraction; Watery Ecstatic, a series of works on paper begun in 2001 and still in process, in which the artist conjures up complex biomorphic forms that relates to Drexciya, a mythical underwater realm inhabited by pregnant African women and their unborn children who were thrown overboard from Atlantic slave ships; and Sea Bed, a recent series of paintings which addresses themes related to the slave trade and the memory of that forced migration that persists in the ocean.

The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of the film installations on which Ellen Gallagher has been working with Dutch artist Edgar Cleijne for a number of years now.

Curator: Benjamin Weil, artistic director of the Centro Botín


Room 2


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