The Fundación Botín opens a new round of Art Grants to continue its commitment to supporting artists

  • The Fundación Botín is once again welcoming submissions for its grant programme, with six new grants, for artists of all nationalities who will be eligible to receive an endowment of 23,000 euros along with the opportunity to show their work at the annual exhibition Itinerarios.
  • Many of the creators who have received this grant throughout their careers enjoy wide recognition – both nationally and internationally – and exhibit their work in institutions and at important events in the contemporary art world. In addition, the Fundación Botín continues to support their careers, as is the case with Sandra Gamarra (Lima, Peru, 1972), who will represent Spain at this year’s Venice Art Biennale with the Foundation’s support.
  • The Fundación Botín also announces the Exhibition Curatorship and Museum Management Grants, through which young Spaniards – or residents in Spain for a minimum of 5 years – can apply for a grant to receive specialised training in museum management and the organisation of exhibitions abroad.

The Fundación Botín is announcing the latest edition of its Art Grants and Exhibition Curatorship and Museum Management Grants. These will bolster its mission to contribute to the integral development of society, exploring new ways of detecting and fostering creative talent to generate social, cultural and economic wealth. The deadline to apply is 28 April for the curatorial grants programme and 3 May for the art grants.  

Over 30 Years of Supporting Artists

Since its creation in 1993, more than 200 creators have benefited from these grants, funds that aim to contribute to the advancement of the artists, supporting the training, development and production of their own projects and research, which is always linked to artistic creation and not theoretical studies. The Fundación Botín Art Grants, which celebrated their 30th year in 2023, have no age or nationality restrictions.

An external jury – which rotates each year – composed of artists (many of whom received one of these awards in the past), curators and industry professionals evaluate the candidates and advise the Fundación Botín on how to achieve its objectives for the open call. Over the years, prominent names from the international art scene have been jury members, such as Chus Martínez, Director of the Institute of Art at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel; Manuel Segade, Director of the Reina Sofía Museum; the independent curators Agustín Pérez Rubio and Filipa Ramos; Stefanie Hessler, Director of the Swiss Institute in New York; Nuria Enguita, Director of the IVAM; and Suzanne Cotter, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), among others.

In this 31st edition, the Fundación Botín offers six new grants for artists of any nationality, with one of those reserved for creators under 30 who are either Spanish or who are Spanish residents (for a minimum of five years before applying for a grant), and who intend to move abroad to continue their work, studies or stay in a residency.

Each artist selected will receive a sum of 23,000 euros to help them cover travel, accommodation, expenses, studio space and any other production costs related to the project during the grant period, during which they will also receive medical insurance should they be required to change their country of residence.

Aside from financial support, upon finalising the grant period, the artists will present the result of their work at the annual exhibition Itinerarios, which inaugurated its 28th edition on 18 November.

Once the nine-month grant period ends, the Fundación Botín will continue assisting the artist through close monitoring of their work, purchasing – at the right time – selected works for its art collection, and linking them to the exhibition program that opened last year under the title ENREDOS with the aim of learning about their current work and establishing a connection with their work and Centro Botín’s collection, building and audience. The sculptures and drawings of Eva Fábregas were the protagonists of the first chapter of this new programme, exhibited at Cento Botín from 20 May until 15 October 2023.

Artists interested in applying for one of these grants should submit their application through the registration form, which can be found on the websites of the Fundación Botín ( and Centro Botín (, and send the rest of the required documentation in hard copies before 3 May. The jury’s final decision will be announced on both websites after 1 July 2024.

28th Exhibition Curatorship and Museum Management Grants

The Fundación Botín is also announcing another edition of its Exhibition Curatorship and Museum Management Grants, a programme that provides funds to support the specialised formation and professional capabilities in the theory and techniques related to the management of museums and the organisation of exhibitions in an integral manner (Curatorial Studies). In this 18th edition, the Fundación Botín is offering a fellowship for Spanish citizens or residents (with a minimum of five years of residency immediately before applying) between 22 and 40 who hold graduate or postgraduate degrees in Fine Arts, Art History, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Literature, Humanities or Art Criticism, or professionals who, failing to demonstrate the prior requisites, can demonstrate their qualifications in the field.

The sum of the fellowship is 18,000 euros, on top of which a maximum of 12,000 additional euros is added to cover tuition fees at your chosen educational institution, which must be related to contemporary art (from the avant-garde to the present day). The fellowship lasts one academic year at the chosen institution; applicants must have written acceptance from the institution and command of the language of the country where they will be studying, among other requirements.

The applications can only be submitted online through the websites of the Fundación Botín ( and Centro Botín ( before 28 April. The final decision of the specially appointed jury will be published after 27 May 2024 on the websites and

For more information visit: or

*Photographer credit: Belén de Benito. Photo caption (from left to right): Jorge Ribalta, Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz, Begoña Guerrica-Echevarría, Lucía C. Pino, Henrique Pavão, Fernando García Dory, Luz Broto, Patricia Gómez, and Mª Jesús González)


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