G: Work Nº 270. The Lights Off, 2001. Room 2.

G: Work Nº 270. The Lights Off, 2001. Room 2.

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The last work of this show is a work that is not seen but perceived. Let’s see if you are able to realize something that is in all exhibitions and not in this one.
The light, exactly. Continuing with the work for which he was awarded the Turner Prize in 2001, “The Lights Going On and Off”, Martin Creed turns off the light of the exhibition hall. The perception that you have of the murals, performers and the AMIGOS light installation, will constantly depend on the natural light coming from outside. This brings us back to the idea of art as a gesture, of Martin Creed’s willingness to slightly transform our environment in order to broadly transform our attention towards the everyday.
And with this question our contribution to your visit ends. You can stay here as long as you want and when you leave tell us: how many times have you smiled during this time?

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