A: Wall Drawings. Room 2.

A: Wall Drawings. Room 2.

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The space in which everything happens is diaphanous because Martin Creed wanted people to enjoy what happens in it, but, also, to know where you are. He constantly seeks to tear down walls and open windows. From there on, he decided to paint all the walls of this floor, no matter how narrow they were and thus get our perception of it changed. In this way you can appreciate, if you go through it calmly, 41 different murals. Some of them are made of colors and geometric shapes and others are composed of words. Each of them is a work that follows a numbering, like all the previous ones. If you are interested you can take the room sheet and see what title/number each of them has.
Geometric murals respond to standards such as:
• Paint exactly of the wall surface taken up by the mural.
• Respect existing objects and to interrupt the painting when he reaches them.
• Do not repeat colors.
Those formed by words have diverse origins. For example, the word SÍ/YES as opposed to the NO that usually comes up in Martin Creed’s mind when he hears concrete requests. Or the word REFUGIADOS, which invades one of the walls with the intention of making us aware that in all countries there are refugees and that all of us might, sometimes, be refugees when we flee from something and go in search of a home.

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