B: Performance. Room 2.

B: Performance. Room 2.

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What happens inside the room is live art. The interpreters are the work and that is why the singers and musicians, in addition to singing and playing, move following very clear guidelines which, if you stay long enough, you will see repeated. This is what is called a performance. The one created by Martin Creed has a duration of 40 minutes during which you can enjoy 19 different compositions. In the course of that time you can move freely through the space and do what your body asks you to do: sit, walk, dance, run or any action that wakes up in you. This is how Martin Creed works: he listens to his inner and he makes decisions according to some parameters that he has previously set for himself.
Proof of this are the costumes of the performers, all of them created by the artist for the occasion (Works Nº 3271-3316, 3197 and 3182-3194, 2019) and which respond to some basic rules that are self-imposed:
• Fabrics or garments that already existed. Nothing of create new fabrics for this occasion. Reuse.
• Pieces of clothing that are perfect squares with eyelets, buttons and velcro that offer a thousand ways to put on.
• Men’s suits that have to be worn backwards.
• Organza head bags with the form of ordinary plastic bags.
• Equal shoes for all, made to measure, in which the colors are not repeated.

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