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And now, we reach the mobiles, the most well-known of Calder’s works. Calder was the first artist in the world to provide movement to sculptures in order to sculpt space. Calder wanted to establish a flow of energy between the people who enjoy his works, the works themselves, and the space in which the works were situated. Calder used his intuition and experimented to balance weights and compose the mobiles.

Every mobile in this room has a different story, that is because each of them was created for different people and different locations. That information is in the wall texts but, before you read them, why don’t you enjoy the sculptures?

• Lie down on the floor to observe the mobiles from below, almost all of them are viewed from this perspective in the locations where they are usually hung or the sites for which they were created.
• Observe the sculptures, and try to get them to “tell you” something. Perhaps without looking at the wall texts, you can guess where they were made or for what kind of space.

These are full-scale works, not tests or models. Take your time observing them!

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