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Sandra Gamarra

Proyecto Li-Mac (Li-Mac Project), 2005

LIMA, PERÚ, 1972
Proyecto Li-Mac (Li-Mac Project), 2005
Madera, ordenador conectado a su web, souvenirs, bolsas, acrílico sobre lienzo / Wood, computer connected to its website, souvenirs, bags, acrylic on canvas
130 x 162 x 30 cm
Instalación. Medidas variables / Installation. Dimensions variable
Donación de la artista / Gift of the artist2005

In 2002, Sandra Gamarra instigated LiMac (Lima Museum of Contemporary Art), a project that responds to the absence of a venue for contemporary art in her hometown and reflects upon the importance of such an institution as a universal marker for modernity in contemporary culture. Her proposal posits the museum as a cultural entity beyond the actual space of exhibition. LiMac is a set of objects and documents —including a website— that can be presented as a work of art in an exhibition space. Echoing the experiment carried out by Marcel Duchamp with his Boite en valise, the installation comes complete with a collection, a museum shop and other typical paraphernalia encountered in any “world-class” contemporary art institution. Reflecting upon the perception of the museum one may have in an ever-more globalized and virtual world, Gamarra plays with the reality or relevance of a “brick and mortar” institution.

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The artist

Sandra Gamarra

Lima, Perú, 1972

His pictures place emphasis on symbols and images that usually go unnoticed, highlighting details of the political and social context in which we live. He displays an interest in photography where sensitivity is attached with the ephemeral. Each series of photographs is an opportunity to challenge the general public, as well as a useful reminder that the camera is a highly effective instrument of self-expression, cultural criticism, invention and visual pleasure.

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