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Wilfredo Prieto

Viaje infinito (Infinite Journey), 2015

Viaje infinito (Infinite Journey), 2015
Maqueta de cartón, cuatro dibujos, plano arquitectónico, mapa de la Isla de Cuba, publicación, pintura de José Perdomo y vídeo documental / Cardboard model, four drawings, architectural drawing, map of the Island of Cuba, publication, painting by José Perdomo and a documentary video
Instalación. Dimensiones variables / Intallation. Dimensions variable
Adquirida / Adquired 2015

This installation by Wilfredo Prieto is part of a larger Land Art project and functions as a prefiguration, complete with model, maps, and documents —drawings, videos— as well as a landscape painting that Prieto commissioned from a local artist. Core to this project is the acquisition of a plot of land by Prieto in Cuba, where owning private property is still a legal challenge. On the site, located in the region where the artist was born, he intends to build an infinite loop of asphalt which evokes car racing circuits, although one of ridiculously small proportions (1000 x 200 metres).

This monumental work of art reflects upon the way culture is sometimes used to attract tourism. While Cuba is rapidly becoming a sought after vacation spot, it is mostly its pristine beaches that attract foreigners while other areas are disregarded. Like many Cuban artists, Prieto uses the formal codes of Conceptual Art, while working primarily with mundane materials and found objects, as art supplies are scarce in a place that often continues to lack bare essentials.

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The artist

Wilfredo Prieto

Sancti-spiritus, Cuba, 1978

The sculptures and installations by Wilfredo Prieto are marked by a great simplicity, functioning as tools to explore social, poetic and political issues. His work questions the basic structures of contemporary culture and reflects on consumption, society, and the thought process itself.

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