In 2002, Sandra Gamarra instigated LiMac (Lima Museum of Contemporary Art), a project that responds to the absence of a venue for contemporary art in her hometown and reflects upon the importance of such an institution as a universal marker for modernity in contemporary culture. Her proposal posits the museum as a cultural entity beyond the actual space of exhibition.

LiMac is a set of objects and documents—including a website—that can be presented as a work of art in an exhibition space. Echoing the experiment carried out by Marcel Duchamp with his “Boite en valise”, the installation comes complete with a collection, a museum shop and other typical paraphernalia encountered in any “world-class” contemporary art institution. Reflecting upon the perception of the museum one may have in an ever-more globalized and virtual world, Gamarra plays with the reality or relevance of a “brick and mortar” institution.

SANDRA GAMARRA, (Lima, Perú, 1972). Wood, computer connected to Internet, souvenirs, bags, acrylic on canvas. (130 x 162 cm). Installation: dimensions variable

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