A painter, sculptor, and photographer, Gabriel Orozco is known for re-framing everyday objects and exploring the boundary between public and private spheres. Using photography to capture an otherwise ephemeral moment, the artist produces small-sized pictures that depict otherwise unnoticeable details of daily life, albeit with a poetic twist.

While some may simply be “readymade”, other situations are the result of an intervention of the artist, who inserts an object or re-assembles found elements to then photograph the resulting condition. The titles of each of the nine photographs in this series provide a humorous interpretation of the captured scenes—whether staged or not.

GABRIEL OROZCO. Hoja en Cubo, 2005. Impresión cromogénica en color / Chromogenic colour prints. 40,64 x 50,8 cm. Edición / Edition 4/5 Adquiridas / Acquired 2012.

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