Start of the application period for the creative mask-making workshop with Damián Ortega

  • Between November 21st and December 2nd, the Mexican artist Damián Ortega will be running a workshop on creating stories and making masks with everyday objects.
  • The workshop, which is conceived as a space for improvisation, learning and collective reflection, is linked to the exhibition that Ortega will be presenting at the Centro Botín, starting on October 8th.
  • Applications to take part in the workshop will be accepted until September 30th, 2022, and a maximum of 15 participants will be selected by the artist himself and announced on October 10th.

The Mexican artist Damián Ortega will lead the next Fundación Botín Visual Arts Workshop, which will take place between November 21st and December 2nd. This workshop is connected to the exhibition that Ortega will be presenting at the Centro Botín from October 8th, 2022, to February 26th, 2023, entitled Expanded View, which brings together his pieces in suspension, in which the infinite elements that make up the world around us are revealed.

The workshop will be a unique opportunity to get closer to the art and delve into the Mexican artist’s work. It is planned as a dynamic space for improvisation, learning and collective reflection in which participants will share knowledge, skills, and experiences. Alongside Damián Ortega, participants will learn to create stories and to craft masks from everyday objects; there will also be a dialogue around forms and materials and their relationships, narratives, and contexts.

The artist and director of the workshop, Damián Ortega, will personally selecting the participants, up to a maximum of 15. Those wishing to take part in the workshop will be expected to have artistic skills, a creative openness, and the ability to draw or model: artists, cooks, jewellers, carpenters, puppeteers, actors, actresses, dancers, writers, and more are all encouraged to apply. These 10 days of living and creating together will require participants to be open to collaborative work processes.

The period for submitting applications – online at www.fundacionbotin.org and www.centrobotin.org, where the terms have already been posted – ends on September 30th, 2022, and on October 10th, Damián Ortega’s final selection will be communicated by email to the selected applicants and made public online. The participating artists who are not resident in Cantabria will receive a stipend towards their living expenses and accommodation.

Since 1994, the Fundación Botín Art Workshops have brought numerous young international artists to Santander to share work and experiences with outstanding creative talents of the calibre of Carsten Höller, Juan Uslé, Gabriel Orozco, Julião Sarmento, Miroslaw Balka, Antoni Muntadas, Jannis Kounellis, Mona Hatoum, Paul Graham, Tacita Dean, Carlos Garaicoa, Julie Mehretu, Joan Jonas, Cristina Iglesias and Martin Creed.

Damián Ortega (Mexico City, 1967)

Through inventiveness and humour, Damián Ortega deconstructs familiar objects and processes by altering their functions and transforming them into novel experiences and hypothetical scenarios. Ortega’s work plays with a scale that ranges from the molecular to the cosmic. He applies the concepts of physics to human interactions where chaos, accidents and instability produce a system of relations in constant flux. He explores the tension that surrounds every object, focusing on it, rearranging it, examining it and inverting its logic to reveal an infinite world within. His explorations reveal the interdependence of diverse components, whether this takes place in a social system or in the complex workings of a machine. While his projects—envisioned first through drawings—take the form of sculptures, installations, performances, film and photography, for Ortega, the work of art is always an action: an event. His experiments exist in a space where possibility and the everyday converge to activate a new and transcendent way of looking at ordinary objects and mundane interactions.

One of Ortega’s major projects is Alias Editorial, which was launched in 2006 and seeks to publish essential and fundamental texts within contemporary art that have been discontinued or have not been translated into Spanish, as well as works written by the artists themselves or interviews with them. Thanks to its simple publishing style, Alias makes these texts affordable for the public.


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