• Ellen Gallagher and Thomas Demand will share an exhibition calendar with Anri Sala, whose AS YOU GO (Châteaux en Espagne) remains on show to the public from 14 December 2019 to 3 May 2020.
  • Ellen Gallagher will have her first exhibition in Spain, in tandem with the Dutch artist Edgar Cleijne, with whom she has jointly created many of her works.
  • Anri Sala and Ellen Gallagher will each run a Visual Arts Workshop in 2020, with Thomas Demand scheduled to lead a Workshop in 2021.
  • This coming February the Fundación Botín will invite applications for its 28th annual Visual Arts Grants and 26th annual Exhibition Curating and Museum Management Grants, as part of its ongoing support for young creative talents.

The exhibition programme for the coming year marks another step forward in the consolidation of the Centro Botín as a top-flight art centre, furthering two of the fundamental commitments that have shaped the Fundación Botín’s relationship with the visual arts since the early 1990s: providing support to emerging creative talents and fostering rapport between artists, while at the same time making contemporary art more accessible to all of us.

In line with the philosophy developed by the Fundación Botín’s Visual Arts Advisory Committee, next year the Centro Botín will host the work of internationally acclaimed artists, for all of whom their large-scale solo show will be their first in Spain: from 13 June to 4 October 4, Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne will have their first joint show in this country, while the first solo exhibition in Spain by Thomas Demand will open to the public on 7 November. In the words of Benjamin Weil, artistic director of the Centro Botín, these exhibitions ‘exemplify the Centro Botín’s commitment to offering the people of Santander and Cantabria the opportunity to come into direct contact with major artists whose work they could otherwise only encounter by travelling to one of the world’s art capitals, and in this way helping to enrich the local artistic panorama’.

In addition to these solo shows, the Centro Botín is privileged to present a special exhibition by Anri Sala from 14 December 2019 to 3 March 2020, in which the Albanian artist invites us to share his abiding fascination with the interactions between moving images, music and architectural space. In continuation, in the middle of the year the Fundación Botín’s art centre in Santander will welcome the 26th iteration of its Itinerarios series.

From now until the autumn of 2020 you can also visit the recently inaugurated show Collecting Processes: 25 Years of Itinerarios, a selection of 25 works by artists who at some point in their career have received one of the Fundación Botín’s Visual Arts Grants. And, last but not least, next year’s programme also includes our two permanent exhibitions: Portraits: Essence and Expression, with works generously ceded by Jaime Botín, patron of the Fundación Botín, and Joan Miró Sculptures, with large-scale works on long-term loan from Successió Miró.

Meanwhile, in training and research, applications for the Fundación Botín’s 28th annual Visual Arts Grants and 26th Grants for Exhibition Curating and Museum Management will be welcomed in February. In addition, we will be holding two Visual Arts Workshops in the course of 2020: one in the first quarter of the year with Anri Sala and the other in October, run by Ellen Gallagher. In closing, it is worth noting that the Fundación Botín’s research work on the drawings of Francisco de Goya will continue in 2020.

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