The exhibition

Enredos: Eva Fàbregas

20 MAY – 15 OCTOBER 2023

Enredos: Eva Fàbregas proposes an intuitive and visceral interplay between Eva’s sculptures and drawings and a selection of works from Fundación Botín’s art collection. The bonds between the artworks on display establish a complex, often unexpected, dialogue around desire, the corporeal and the playful, but also the amorphous, the daring and the disturbing. This entanglement of artworks has been conceptualised as a large-scale living organism that takes over the architectural space.

In Eva’s sculptures, air becomes a tangible material that creates volumes, shapes and scales capable of changing the perception of ourselves and of the space that surrounds us. These biomorphic volumes allude to biological processes and rhythms related to digestion, gestation and metamorphosis. As such, they create a duplicity of emotions: menacing or nurturing, innocent or perverse. They invite us to relate to art in a sensorial manner: how their texture, their temperature and their rhythm feel...

Conceived for this exhibition space and produced in collaboration with the MACBA, Oozing is an assemblage of large-scale inflatable sculptures, in the presence of which we become minute. We seem to be witnessing an unbridled organic growth, a symbiotic entanglement between worksbodies, forms, materials and colours that hail from worlds we do not yet know, which can take us to make-believe, science fiction landscapes and reminiscent of internal organs. We can caress it, synchronise our breathing with its breathing, and feel its skin as an extension of our own, in an act of communion as beautiful as it is strange.

This exhibition marks the first chapter in Centro Botín’s new exhibition programme entitled Enredos (entanglements). It seeks to support and work closely with artists who have received a Fundación Botín Art Grant, who are invited to reengage with the collection, the building and its audiences.

Eva has selected a series of works by artists who, like her, were recipients of the foundation’s award: Leonor Antunes, Nora Aurrekoetxea, David Bestué, Cabello/ Carceller, Asier Mendizabal and Sara Ramo, as well as by the artist Gabriel Orozco.

Curators: Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz, Director of Exhibitions and the Collection, Centro Botín, Eva Fàbregas, artist.

Eva Fàbregas, Oozing, 2023

Eva Fàbregas work (born Barcelona 1985) revolves around desire and attraction, the somatic and the tactile, inviting the viewer to feel other possible bodies and forms of care.  Her work embraces the possibility of tactile engagement, physical intimacy, affective bonding, tenderness and various forms of corporeal experimentation with and through objects. She has exhibited at Whitechapel Gallery, London; Site Gallery, Sheffield; Bombon Projects, Barcelona; KV, Leipzig; Fundació la Caixa, Barcelona (2022); Kunsthal, Gent (2021); Yokohama Triennale; Tabacalera, Madrid (2020); Centrocentro, Madrid; Kunstverein München, Munich; TEA, Tenerife (2019); Hollybush Gardens, London; Gasworks, London; Arte Display, Berlín, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2018); Fundació Miró, Barcelona; Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea; Ormoston House, Limerick; West Cork Center, Cork; CCA Derry ~ Londonderry (2017), amongst others.

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