The exhibition

Collecting Practices: 25 years of Itinerarios

From October 12, 2019 to October 11, 2020

In 2019, Centro Botín celebrates the 25th anniversary of Itinerarios, the annual exhibition that showcases works carried out during the course of the grant cycle by artists who were recipients of a Fundación Botín’s Visual Arts Grant.

The project-based granting programme started in 1993, and to date, 210 artists have benefitted from this unique support. This exhibition brings together twenty-five works from the collection of Fundación Botín, once presented in an iteration of Itinerarios. It is a testimony to the foundation’s on-going commitment to support young artists.

Many of the works have not been exhibited since they were featured in an iteration of Itinerarios. Others were acquired later through purchases, as Fundación Botín maintains ties with all its former grantees, and regularly enriches its holdings with some of their more recent works.

This selection of artworks bears witness to how artistic research has broadened over the course of the past two decades; how the notion of representation has evolved; and how art is the result of intricate processes that mix all kinds of references, ranging from science to other intellectual and artistic practices, from social research to philosophy and politics.

Artists explore the world and ponder the enormous changes in society they see happening. The work resulting from their keen observation provides visitors with insight and new perspectives, another kind of knowledge and, in consequence, new ways of understanding the world.

Perhaps the role of the artist has evolved: no longer artisans with specific skill, artists pay attention to what most other human beings overlook. They bring to light facts, matters and processes that inform our realm: they have elected to lead a life of alert consciousness and have made it their profession, and their work is a reflection of this specific state of mind.

No collection looks like any other, and even more so when the collecting criteria are so clearly defined as is the case of the Fundación Botín Collection.

With works by: Lara Almárcegui; Basma Alsharif; Leonor Antunes; Javier Arce; Erick Beltrán; David Bestué; Bleda y Rosa; Nuno Cera; Patricia Dauder; Patricia Esquivias; Karlos Gil; Carlos Irijalba; Adrià Julià; Juan López; Rogelio López Cuenca; Renata Lucas; Mateo Maté; Jorge Méndez Blake; Regina de Miguel; Leticia Ramos; Fernando Sánchez Castillo; Teresa Solar Abboud; Leonor Serrano Rivas; Jorge Yeregui, and David Zink-Yi.

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