• Fundación Botín’s art centre in Santander reinforces its support for contemporary art, programming two workshops and three exhibitions by artists of international renown.
  • The exhibition programme for 2019 starts with the group show Itinerarios, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary as a showcase of art being made today and an overview of happening trends in Spain and abroad.
  • Currently on view at Centro Botín, through 3 March 2019, is the retrospective “CRISTINA IGLESIAS: INTERSPACES”, a unique survey of the practice of this internationally renowned artist including many recent works.
  • A survey exhibition of drawings by Manolo Millares marks Fundación Botín’s continued commitment with the research and presentation of drawings by Spanish masters of all times.

The exhibition programme of Centro Botín for 2019 consolidates its mandate to become a benchmark art centre thanks to two workshops and three exhibitions by internationally acclaimed artists: Martin Creed, the English artist who won the Turner Prize in 2001; Alexander Calder, one of the most influential and seminal art practitioners of the 20th century, known for his “Mobiles”(kinetic sculptures); and the first solo exhibition in Spain by the Albanian artist Anri Sala.

Fundación Botín’s art centre in Santander will continue exhibiting, through 3 March 2019, “CRISTINA IGLESIAS: INTERSPACES”, a survey exhibition dedicated to one of Spain’s most internationally renowned artists. Also on view since June 2018, is “Portraits: Essence and Expression” a permanent exhibition featuring eight 20th century masterpieces from the art collection of Jaime Botín, trustee of Fundación Botín.

As a testimony to its ongoing support of young artists, Centro Botín inaugurates its 2019 exhibition programme with the 25th edition of Itinerarios. Over the years, this yearly occuring showcase of cutting edge contemporary art has become a key event for anyone wishing to acquaint her or himself with the art of today. This twenty-fifth edition will present the projects carried out by the eight artists who were recipients of one a Fundación Botín Visual Arts grant in 2017. This 25th anniversary will be marked by a new presentation of the Fundación Botín collection, which will open its doors to the public during the last quarter of the year.

Finally, it is noteworthy that in 2019, Fundación Botín will proceed with its support of research on drawings by Spanish Masters, with a retrospective exhibition of works on paper by Manolo Millares, the renowned artist from the Canary Islands best known for his matter-based paintings using burlap.

According to Benjamin Weil, art director of Centro Botín, “we are really excited with this opportunity to share with our audiences a new perspective on the work of the great Alexander Calder conceived by such a prestigious curator as Hans Ulrich Obrist. It is also an honour and a pleasure to bring to Spain the works of Anri Sala and Martin Creed, two essential figures in contemporary art today. Each one of these exhibitions will contribute to our better understanding of today’s art. With the first retrospective of drawings by Manolo Millares and with Itinerarios XXV, Centro Botín will continue offering a wide scope of experiences in art, ranging from 20th century masters to the most promising emerging talents of the moment.”

All the details are in the press kit below (DOWNLOAD).



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