Pereda Gardens

Your tour of the Botín Centre starts out from the beautiful and historic Pereda Gardens, which have been redesigned to make the most of the building construction. Thanks to the project developed by the landscape designer Fernando Caruncho in collaboration with Renzo Piano’s studio, the park has doubled in size, going from 20,000 m2 to approximately 48,000 m2, and tripling its green areas from 7,003 m2 to 20,056 m2.

In the course of your walk you will see how the reform has preserved the gardens’ memories, respecting their essential aspects, while enhancing everything kept within them and protected all this time. Caruncho himself claims: “This project merges the past with the present in a 21st century design, looking towards the future”.

This space boasts specimens of magnolia, holly, palm tree, cedar, horse chestnut, pine tree, boj tree, yew, linden, and apple blossom. You will also see how the play of light and colour throughout the gardens is essential. Walkways and squares were paved with a mixture of blue concrete stained with copper and iron sulphate, blending the gardens with the bluish tones of the bay.

Pereda Gardens

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Peredas gardens

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