The auditorium

This volume is home to the Centre’s Culture and Education Programme, which focuses on the development of emotional intelligence and creativity. With this purpose in mind, a 290 m² x 7.5 metre high Auditorium was built with capacity for some 300 people. It is further complemented by its 90 m² hall. Its layout of partitions and mobile seating make for flexible distribution depending on programming needs. A large glazed façade affords visitors a panoramic view of the matchless landscape of the bay as the background.

On Floor 2 of the eastern volume there is a multi-purpose, 260 m² space, made up of four classrooms to cater for training activities, the distribution of which has also been rendered flexible by the use of mobile partitions. These rooms also receive natural light from the Pereda Gardens, thus enabling greater control of the sun’s rays and affording the space greater thermal stability.

East Volume. Culture and Education

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