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Gabriel Orozco

Arenero (Sandbox), 2005

Arenero (Sandbox), 2005
Madera, arena, bolas corcho / Wood, sand, cork balls
12 x 202 x 165 cm Adquirida / Acquired 2005

In 1996, Gabriel Orozco started a series of works entitled “Working Tables”, which consists of meticulously arranged accumulations of sketches, ideas, found objects, leftovers, and unfinished artworks on a flat square white surface, as if to trace his thinking process. The artist often talks about the fact he doesn’t have an artist’s studio and works in a more office-like setting, enacting his work in the exhibition space. Clearly alluding to a Zen rock garden, Arenero may also be mapping the elaboration of a thought, but also this contained territory. The placement of cork balls on a sand surface suggests the impermanence of the structure, and the potential evolution of this otherwise clearly established order. One may also think of Horses Running Endlessly, a piece Orozco made in 1995, which consists of an oversized chessboard occupied entirely by knights, each placed so as the head appears to look in a different direction.

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The artist

Gabriel Orozco

Xalapa, Mexico, 1962

His concern for the object and space has characterised many of his most emblematic pieces. In his works he uses photo formats interchangeably, including computer treatment, with sculptural, installation, action or drawing, and more recently, painting. Skillfully using opposites and the perception of the dual nature of things are constant concerns in his work: the human and the mechanical, discoveries and manufactured items, nature and environmental impact, geometry and random, death and the concept of infinity.

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